Sound for the environment

Over the years, evenko has implemented multiple sustainability initiatives to ensure that its operations are responsible. Beyond the artistic and cultural experience, LASSO wants to minimize the negative impact on the environment and maximize the positive influence it has on society and the economy. Here are some of the initiatives being worked on:
Public Transit: The festival is only steps away from the metro Jean-Drapeau, making it extremely accessible via public transit.

Bike Valet: Self-service bicycle parking available on site.

Gas Generator Reduction: From 2017-2018, Parc Jean-Drapeau (our festival site) was renovated to better connect the grounds to the hydro-electricity power grid of Montréal. By transitioning to hydroelectricity, LASSO has been able to greatly reduce the number of gas generators used for energy.
Reducing Single Use Plastic: Ban on plastic straws and water bottles. Festivalgoers are invited to bring a recyclable bottle of water to the festival. Water filling stations will be available all over the site.

Recycling Program: We have an on-site sorting centre to reduce waste contamination as much as possible.

Compositing Program: For the past three years, we have been piloting composting in our Artist World to see how if it could be scaled to be site wide. We want to ensure that we can successfully compost without contamination before expanding it to the rest of the site!
Festivalgoer Declaration: Let’s work together to be sustainable! In 2021, we will send out a declaration of actions for festivalgoers to follow. This includes respecting wildlife, properly disposing of waste, and more.
The festival would like to extend a special thank you to its partners in the sustainability: STM and RECYC-QUÉBEC.