• We aim to create an environment where festivalgoers can connect with music and with each other in a positive way. Take care of yourself, each other and the environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at anytime if anything feels unsafe or weird.

    Be you. No one else can.
    Lasso is about celebrating individuality, expressing yourself, and throwing down. Our festival site is a judgement-free zone. So, leave your dirty looks and put downs at home because there’s no place for them here. Do your thing and keep those boots rockin’!

    Keep Things Lovely!
    Show Mother Nature some love! We are doing our part… But, we can’t do it alone. We’re all in this together!

    Get Ready…Get Set…Go!!
    It’s hard to believe a city that’s so freezing in the winter can be scorching hot in the summer. But, trust us you will want to be prepared to beat the Montreal heat! Grab your cowboy hat, coolest shades and SPF 50 and get ready for the sunshine. Rain is a good thing too, but come prepared with your raingear and extra socks to fill those boots.

    Feel safe & sound
    This is your happy place. We are committed to ensuring all festivalgoers feel safe at all times. Lasso is a space free from physical, verbal and sexual harassment, aggression, and violence. We’ll keep it simple for you, just follow the Holy Day Ranch rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Kindness is Key
    We know you’ve all got a whole lotta love to give, so spread it around! Free hugs always! High fives all around! Good vibes only! Be mindful of your surroundings and look out for your friends (this includes new friends too, we’re all family at Lasso!)

    Have an open mind

    Safety and respect first
    Be open to discovering new music, meeting new friends and enjoying new experiences. Those boots were made for walking. Wander, explore and engage. Live in the moment.
    We are committed to creating a safe, respectful, and enjoyable experience for everyone. Therefore, among our many security measures, a code of conduct has been established. Your cooperation is an important factor in creating a pleasant and enjoyable environment, and we thank you for following the subsequent guidelines throughout the duration of the festival.
    We ask that your conduct at our events remain pleasant, appropriate, and respectful. For the safety and comfort of our guests, the following behaviors could lead to the intervention of our security staff:
    • Offensive, discriminatory, and/or abusive behavior in any form, including:
      • Language
      • Gestures
      • Writing, signs, banners, etc.
      • Clothing
    • Violence of any kind
    • Consumption/possession of illegal substances
    • Interfering with the normal unfolding of the event
    • Provide a minor with alcohol and/or cannabis
    • Being a minor in possession of alcohol and/or cannabis.
    • Being in possession of any prohibited items. (For the complete list of prohibited items, visit the info section of the official Osheaga website at www.osheaga.com/en/info)
    • Any other conduct that may be deemed inappropriate by security or likely to harm the safety of persons or property
    • We all have a responsibility to report any act that goes against the values we stand for. Do not hesitate to immediately report any security or incivility problem to a member of our staff.